Wime Records – History & Catalogue

NEWS: Digital single release June 14th, 2019: “Crazy”, Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra From upcoming album, expected in October/November.

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I started Wide Meadow Music in 2005, mainly to release my own music. Since 2010 we use the label name Wime Records. Our distributors are Border Music for CD/vinyl and The Orchard digitally. For distribution outside the nordic countries, please send us an e-mail. Download images for press here.


WMM014 – “Volume 5”, Big Band Splash – CD, digital

WMM013 – “7 Inch – No. 1”, Big Band Splash – Tracks: “Love Addict” (feat. Kristina Talajic) / “Baby, Don’t You Lose Your Cool” (feat. Tad Robinson) – 7″/45rpm vinyl

WMM012 – “Pathfinding”, Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra (2015) – CD, digital, LP (WMMLP012)

WMM011 – “The Soul Collection”, Big Band Splash (2014) – digital only compilation with tracks from WMM001, WMM002, WMM005 + 3 new tracks

WMM010 – “The Dummy”, Knock-Out Greg (2014) – digital single

WMM009 – “Well I Done Got Over It”, Big Band Splash feat. Sven Zetterberg (2014) – digital single

WMM008 – “Mollow”, The Emersons (2014) – CD, digital

WMM007 – “Happy Hour”, Nils Bondesson (2010) – CD, digital

WMM006 – “Lemon Man”, Maria Kvist (2010) – CD, digital

WMM005 – “Another Apple”, Big Band Splash (2010) – CD, digital

WMM004 – “Swings & Roundabouts”, The Emersons (2008) – EP CD, digital

WMM003 – “I Read A Review”, Maria Kvist (2008) – CD, digital

WMM002 – “East Of The Arctic Circle”, Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash (2007) – CD, digital

WMM001 – “Wide Meadow Soul”, Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash (2005) – CD, digital

Big Band Volumes