About – Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra

Pathfinding is the debut album from Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra, produced with financial support from the Swedish Arts Counsil. It’s contemporary jazz composed by baritone saxophonist Jakob Norgren featuring Jonas Kullhammar on tenor sax on five of the six tracks. Mats Äleklint, trombone, Jonne Bentlöv, flugelhorn, Kai Sundquist, clarinet, Oscar Lindblom, trumpet, Mathias Lundquist, piano, Lars Ekman, bass are also featured as soloists. Name and pictures of all members are found here.

I have previously released three albums with my other orchestra Big Band Splash, where the first two contain a lot of contemporary jazz. I later decided to let Big Band Splash develop into a soul-/rhythm & blues orchestra alongside creating Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra (with almost the same members), where I could refine my jazz writing. Our debut album was released on September 2, 2015. Get it here!

A presentation with video clips from the recording session and some concerts: