About – The Emersons

The Emersons is my electro jazz studio project. Samples from my big band recordings is an important ingredient in the sound of The Emersons, together with new improvisations. We released the EP “Swings & Roundabouts” in 2008 and the album “Mollow” in 2014. Herbert Nordlund was co-producer on half of the tracks.

“Last Call From New Orleans” (2014) is a remix of my composition “Kamoolanju” from the album “East of the Arctic Circle” (2007) with Big Band Splash. Most of the electro sounds are transformed big band samples and it features Herbert Nordlund, alto sax, Greta Bondesson, banjo and Mathias Lundquist, piano. We performed it live a few times with the big band playing together with a back-track.

The Emersons_Mollow_digipak_TK The Emersons_Mollow_digipak_TKThe Emersons_Mollow_digipak_TK wmm004_cover


With Herbert Nordlund who tragically passed away 2013.