We are very happy to have a guest appearance by Tad Robinson on our new 7″ vinyl! He’s one of the top artists on the American soul/blues scene with eight Blues Awards nominations since 2005. It’s a classic soul/R&B record with a big sound, and the other side features talented soul singer Kristina Talajic. The title of the release is “7 Inch – No. 1”, and it’s also released digitally on August 25.

This is a teaser from the upcoming album “Volume 5” by Big Band Splash (release September 22). It’s actually my fifth release as a big band leader/arranger/producer, but as you might know we used different names on the band. The first two albums with JNBBS were intentionally very diverse in style, but I later decided to let BBS develop into a soul/R&B orchestra and in parallel introduce the name Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra for performance of my contemporary jazz compositions. Almost the same members, but no vocals, guitar and percussion in JNJO.

Big Band Volumes

Yesterday I had the privilege to play with John Scofield & Blue House Jazz Orchestra in a sold out Stockholm Concert Hall. The band was (as always) directed by Magnus Lindgren and Peter Asplund and we played arrangements by Michael Abene and Magnus. My setup was baritone sax, clarinet, bass clarinet and contra alto clarinet. A very inspiring project!


All my old websites are now redirected to this new WordPress website that will gather the information from http://www.jakobnorgren.se, http://www.wime.se, http://www.bigbandsplash.com and http://www.souljazz.se in one place. Depending of which address you use you will land on different pages, but with the same top menu. Some texts and layouts are still work in progress. Basic info about me and my different projects can be found by selecting About in the menu. News will appear in the blog Souljazz.se where I also will write about other projects  and music that has inspired me. Some upcoming events are listed in the bottom. Press downloads for new releases can be found here.