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 Big Band Splash is a soul / rhythm & blues orchestra, originally full big band size but also available in a 12-piece tour edition. We are based in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jakob Norgren Big Band Splash was started in 2004 and on our first two albums Wide Meadow Soul (2005) and East Of The Arctic Circle (2007) we mixed contemporary jazz with soul, blues and even some electronica. In 2010 we shortened the name to just Big Band Splash and decided to let the band develope into a soul/rhythm & blues/soul-jazz orchestra, which was manifested on the albums Another Apple (2010) and Volume 5 (2017). Contemporary jazz is now instead performed under the name Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra.

Check out the tour edition of Big Band Splash feat. Sven Zetterberg, Knock-Out Greg, Linn Segolsson & Graciela Chin A Loi here:

In December 2016 we received the very sad news that Sven Zetterberg had passed away in his sleep at age 64. He has been a frequent, very inspiring guest with Big Band Splash since the start in 2004, both live and on our albums.

Check out the full size edition of Big Band Splash here:

In 2014 we released (digital only) the album Big Band Splash – “The Soul Collection” where we gathered soul tracks from our first three albums. Featured singers are Sven Zetterberg, Marino Valle, Greta, Stella & Sunniva Bondesson (Baskery), Knock-Out Greg and Graciela Chin A Loi.

Different sounds of the early years

Bell Blues is one of my jazz compositions from the early albums of Big Band Splash that now has moved to the repertoire of Jakob Norgren Jazz Orchestra. It was inspired by Fratres by Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. On the tracks Strings and Kamoolanju I used processed samples of ourselves to create an electronic atmosphere. I later developed this concept in my project The Emersons. The track Last Call From New Orleans a is remix of Kamoolanju where I added strings that I sampled from arrangements I wrote for Sven Zetterberg’s album “Grounded In Reallity” (2010).

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