Pictures from the Atlantis studio


Jakob Norgren, baritone sax, clarinet, contra alto clarinet, conductor; Jonas Kullhammar, tenor sax; Peter Fredman, lead alto sax, flute; Lina Lövstrand, lead flute, alto sax; Kai Sundquist, tenor sax, bassoon, lead clarinet; Christian Herluf Pedersen, tenor sax, clarinet;  Fredrik Oscarsson, lead trumpet, flugelhorn; Jonne Bentlöv, trumpet, flugelhorn; David Ljunggren, trumpet; Oscar Lindblom, trumpet, flugelhorn; Mats Äleklint, lead trombone, euphonium; Michael Rörby, trombone; Johan Åström, trombone; Klas Eriksson, bass trombone, tuba; Mathias Lundquist, piano; Lars Ekman, bass; Isak Andersson, drums

Recording of the album “Pathfinding” at Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, March 6-7th 2014. Engineer: Janne Hansson

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